Dec 13, 2009

Four Week Minimum

No running for at least four weeks, which will I hope be enough time to treat the SI joint dysfunction and start retraining muscles. And last but not least, heal the tenderness in the groin resulting from the imbalance. I could be mad, but I am optimistic that once these issues are sorted out I will run pain free for the first time in 2 years!

So in the spirit of remaining optimistic here is my tentative 2010 race calendar. I am excited to train for a few A races and just to see how the season unfolds.

Monument 10K, Tidewater or Rocketts Int'l, Patriot Half, B2B Half. Maybe a few running races here and there too.

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fjbmhokie said...

So I'm a they call it in the blog world, but I did find your blog through other tri-girls. I love reading everyone's tri-stories.

I had SI problems about 7 years ago and for a while, I wore an SI belt. I wore it under my clothes during running around my hips right over both SI's. It was tight but it really helped with stability and healing. Every once in a while, if my SI acts up, I put that thing on and it's great.

Good luck with your recovery.