Jan 3, 2010

Happy New Year

Although I didn't expect to start 2010 injured, just like 2009 unfortunately, here I am; despite a cautious training year. My focus in 2010 is to make some permanent healthy lifestyle changes and just maybe this combination of efforts will also keep me injury free. So here are my modest racing goals for the 2010 season and a few of my resolutions for this year.

Consistently eat better and fuel my body for exercise. I tend to eat well for a few weeks then fall off the wagon.

Lose the extra poundage and keep it off.

Find my happy place with training, I am not entirely sure what my year will look like yet but I want to have a solid training year.

PR in a sprint triathlon and running race.


Colleen said...

I'm slowly getting caught up on blogs. Love the new look!

I think your plan for 2010 sounds perfect! You'll have a great year!

Ruben (ruben@triumphtriathlon.com) said...

Hi Kate!

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Make it a great day,

Mandie said...

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